Heart valve disease.

          Leaky heart valves disease can happen to anyone. At any age. So you should be aware of your symptoms. Because this disease is a silent threat that is no less dangerous. Abnormalities of the heart are all silent threats that are frightening. Especially if the heart valve is leaking. The symptoms of this disease can cause us to be ignorant and neglect and increase the risk for ourselves. Let’s come to know better than leaky heart valve disease that there are symptoms. Including the cause of the disease and treatment methods. What is a leaky heart disease?

heart valve disease

heart valve disease In English it is called Heart Valve Regurgitation. It is one of the abnormalities that occur in the heart. causing the heart valves to not close completely Is there a hole or break? reflux And abnormal blood flow will result in the heart working harder. increased risk of heart failure and dieWhat is the cause of leaky heart valve disease?

          Leaky heart valve disease is caused by many factors as follows

         1. Abnormalities of the heart from birth, such as abnormal heart valve structures. But many people don’t show symptoms as a child. They usually have symptoms in adolescence or adulthood.

          2. Caused by other diseases such as rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease, myocardial infarction, acute ischemic heart disease or coronary artery disease, etc. 

          3. Some infections that affect the heart, such as infections from tooth decay. unclean syringe or body piercing

          4. Degeneration of heart valves with ageheart valve disease Who’s at risk?  Leaky heart valves are found in both females and males. From birth to the elderly That means anyone can get sick with this disease. Therefore, you should keep an eye on your symptoms as well.heart valve disease What are the symptoms?

         Common symptoms in patients with leaky heart valves include:

         1. Tired more easily, even when I’m still, I’m tired

         2. dizziness, fainting

         3. Difficulty breathing when exerting yourself, such as walking up the stairs, feeling tired decreased physical performance

         4. Chest pain

         5. Cough with bloody sputum

         6. Heart palpitations 

         7. Irregular heartbeat

         8. Swollen stomach or legs, press and dent

         9. Shortness of breath until unable to lie down 

         10. Some people may not show any symptoms, but accidentally found an abnormal heartbeat on a physical examination.

         However, patients with leaky heart valves will have different symptoms and severity depending on the cause, physical condition, age, congenital disease, and duration of disease progression. The symptoms usually occur gradually. Before the symptoms of breathlessness were evident. They may be 40-50 years old or older.