How healthy is Surf Skate?


          Reputed to be a sport. It must have more or less health benefits. The benefits of Surf Skate are good for health as follows:

1. It is a cardio exercise mixed with weight training. Don’t just think that surf skating is a sport that doesn’t require a lot of physical exertion. Because actually taking it in, I’m tired and sweaty as well. because both running and tensing muscles It’s like doing cardio and weight training at the same time.

2. Help to balance.  Because it is a sport that relies on balance to help us move, surfing can help us develop balance skills. and help them learn how to balance the body.

3. Help train the coordination skills of different muscles. In addition to having to stand firmly on the Surf Skate. To force a Surf Skate to move, you’ll need to exert several muscles at the same time, including your hips, leg muscles, chest, shoulders, and arms.

4. Help to enhance personality and confidence. With the balance and movement of a surf skating. We have to adjust the posture of the body automatically. personality will improve and that we can surf skating It also helps increase confidence as well. As we have seen other people play and feel that he is cool.5. Stress relief           just to move freely with the wind hitting the face Believe it or not, this can only cause a feeling of relaxation. In addition, skating surf also gives a feeling of fun.

6. Make new friends. Interacting with those around you is also beneficial for your health. especially those who are running out of power Without inspiration, stress, and distraction, getting out and about and meeting people. exchanged stories with each other make me forget about stress your own sorrow as well.