Klopp reveals what Liverpool’s players must do in the final moments

Klopp reveals what Liverpool’s players must do in the final moments if they want to win the Premier League this season.

Liverpool currently ranks 2nd in the table, with points equal to Arsenal, the leader.
Jurgen Klopp’s team has a home queue to welcome Brighton this Sunday.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed.

That his players need to give their all in the final 10 games remaining in the Premier League this season. for the championship position

”We have to be dedicated. Do whatever you ยูฟ่าเบท can in each game, both home and away,” the Liverpool boss said in a press conference before the Premier League game.

”Everything is difficult. And everyone wants to have some luck regarding injuries to players. Which we don’t have until now. But I hope the children will recover from their injuries. we need them Then it’s about finding a way to win in the game.”

”We found a good way for us to play. Before the [international] break we had games against Manchester City and Manchester United and in some parts of those games We played our best football of the season.”

”Now we’re back. I’d like to say we’ve rejuvenated but the boys had a game (from past internationals). We played on Sunday (against Brighton) but that was enough to recover. (from the international break) Okay, now let’s get going.”

In the last 10 matches in the league this season.

Liverpool will meet Brighton (home), Sheffield United (home), Manchester United (away), Crystal Palace (home), Fulham (away), A. Everton (away), West Ham (away), Tottenham Hotspur (home), Aston Villa (away) and Wolves (home).

For the Premier League game, the match between Liverpool and Brighton will compete on Sunday, March 31 at 8:00 p.m. Thailand time, broadcast live on True Premier Football 1 and True Premier Football 2.