Euro 2024 Competition Kits: Officially launching competition uniforms

Euro 2024 Competition Kits: Officially launching the competition uniforms of every nation that will compete in the middle of this year.

  • Euro 2024 is set to be played this June with Germany as host.
  • Many nations have begun to gradually release the kits that will be used in this tournament.
  • Nidi and Adidas remain the main sports brands supplying uniforms for most countries competing in the region.

It’s getting closer every moment for the continental tournament that many people have been waiting for, Euro 2024. Which will begin competing in June, with Germany hosting the competition.

Of course, apart from performance on the field One thing that is a highlight, like every year, is the “uniforms” or the outfits used for the competition. Today we have gathered together the national competition kits that have been officially confirmed and announced. How beautiful will each team be? Let’s go see

Euro 2024 kit


Another team that has famous players like David Alaba and Marcel Sabitzer, they have used Puma brand kits since the 70s. Their official colors of Chad are definitely white and red. In Euro 2024 This one is designed in a retro style, looking simple but cool and stylish.


Another famous team that still uses Adidas brand kits, which still has a similar theme to those used in the 2022 World Cup, but with slight changes in details. But it still maintains a cool style with dark tones for the home kit and bright blue for the away kit.


A chess team that usually has a unique kit with a white and red striped kit that instantly knows which nation it is from. In Euro 2024, they still use Nike brand kits with a simple design, playing with colors but still maintaining their identity. The character of the country is clearly preserve as always.

Czech Republic

Another Euro regular team that usually comes in a red-white team. This year they also emphasize simplicity with the Puma brand, using blue trim on both the collar, sleeves, and socks. The pattern is hidden on the shirt, adding beautiful details. When viewed up close.


Still in the theme of the red-white team. Which is the national color of the dairy team. That has use for a long time, using the Hummel brand, a brand from Germany with a production base in Denmark. This year there is still the same unique style with alternating color cuts that look strong and stylish.