The “reduce sugar” technique allows you to eat sweets in a healthy way.

The “reduce sugar” technique allows you to eat sweets in a healthy way. Sweetened sugar is a favorite of many. Because most of it is an ingredient in dessert menus, snacks and delicious beverages such as cakes, Thai desserts, bubble tea, chocolates or many other desserts.

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Although the sweetness from sugar is a source of energy for our bodies to live and do activities. But if you eat too much It will cause the body to get more energy than necessary. until it accumulates into fat Affects health and is at UFABET risk of obesity or other diseases in the end. Today we will share a good technique. For those who want to eat sweets but want to take care of health

  • Order a little sweet can help.
    Ordering less sweet will help us reduce the sugar intake. because in various delicious drinks will have a lot of sugar Therefore, the appropriate sweetness should not exceed 50%.
  • Read the label before purchasing.
    Reading the labels will help you know how much sugar a snack or food contains. If you think it’s too much, avoid it. If it is unavoidable, it can be shared for a long time. Doing this is enough to help reduce sugar to some extent.
  • Focus on fruits instead of desserts.
    If you want to taste the sweetness, it is recommended to eat fruit. Because there is fiber that helps the digestive system well. health benefits But if it’s even better, opt for less sweet fruits like green apples, dragon fruit, or berries.
  • Look for healthy alternative symbols.
    because products with this symbol attached It will indicate that the product has been checked for sugar, fat, and sodium content that it is in the right amount.