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Guimaraes has a course to transfer to Barca.

Bruno Guimaraes the 25-year-old midfielder has agreed to a move to Barcelona for a reasonable fee in his new contract with Newcastle. ‘Diario Sport’ reported on Saturday that. Bruno Guimarães, Newcastle’s Brazil international midfielder has a clause in his new contract. That allows him to

Foster praises Van Dijk during his prime.

Former Manchester United and Premier League goalkeeper Ben Foster has praised. Virgil van Dijk for being unrivaled among defenders during the peak of his career. The Liverpool captain’s form has been mixed since his return from an anterior cruciate ligament injury in 2021 that kept

5 reasons why you should watch football at home.

5 reasons why you should watch football at home. When the question arises “Where should I watch football?” Many brave butlers. You may choose to go live to watch an important match at a restaurant, pub or bar, but in reality, sitting at home watching your favorite