PSG urges Mbappe to quickly decide on future.

PSG continues to urge Kylian Mbappe to quickly decide on his future. According to sports reports from Perfume media.

The 25-year-old striker’s future remains a question mark. Now he can negotiate the transfer in advance because of the contract with Paris Saint-Germain. Less than 6 months remaining

However, there has been no decision from the French national team’s forward line. Even the hometown media tried to report that the players had made a pre-contract with Real Madrid ทางเข้า UFABET 

Recently, Arsenal stated that PSG has urged Mbappe to quickly decide on his future, along with offering a new high-value contract to the French player to consider.

Famous French media continue to say that PSG wants to know the future quickly, despite having respected the players’ decisions in the past. But the plan was changed because the team wanted to draft a plan in advance in case the players decided to part ways.

The Paris giants remain committed to Mbappe’s contract, but the decision rests entirely with the 25-year-old striker.

It is up to Mbappe to accept PSG’s demands or not. The player has previously confirmed that he will inform the club first if a final decision is made.

However, Mbappé and his entourage resist pressure to decide and determine its timing. The French media outlet also emphasizes that he has not yet decided on his future.