6 superfoods that “pregnant women” should eat.

6 superfoods that “pregnant women” should eat.There are many foods that are appropriate for the body, hormones, and other parts of a woman. In particular, pregnant women may need extra nutrients useful for maintaining the health of the baby. This is a list of Super Foods for healthy pregnant women. Chickpeas, Black


What is Anaerobic?

Anaerobic is exercise in which the body anaerobic. Because it is a form of exercise that is quite intense, fast and requires strength. Until almost no time to breathe The heart and blood vessels cannot pump enough oxygen to the muscles that it needs. That is to say,

exercises at home

simple exercises at home, no equipment needed

1. Squat squat has no equipment just spread your feet shoulder-width apart exercises at home. Open the toes slightly. Then lower your back, pushing your waist and butt back. Try to keep your back and body as straight as possible. And go down as deep as possible With his back