How important is Zinc to our body?

Zinc works like a policeman. Keeping various processes in the body running efficiently. It also helps to maintain enzyme systems. And cells as well if you sweat too much. Up to 3 mg per day of zinc loss may occur. It is important for the production of

What is oatmeal?

It may be confusing for many people that ok. What is the difference between oat and oatmeal? Because it’s oats as well. But in fact when talking about oats. Usually refers to whole oats. And unprocessed, most often used as animal feed. Or use in the livestock industry. But refers

Precautions for using or consuming oranges.

Although the orange is a fruit that has benefits. But if consume too much it will have a negative effect on the body as well.  The precautions for eating oranges are as follows: should not eat too much Oranges are one of the most fiber-rich fruits. The amount

5 reasons why you should watch football at home.

5 reasons why you should watch football at home. When the question arises “Where should I watch football?” Many brave butlers. You may choose to go live to watch an important match at a restaurant, pub or bar, but in reality, sitting at home watching your favorite

New positive thinking

Positive thinking alone is not bad. But it’s not enough to make us achieve our goals. We have to be optimistic and think about the obstacles that may arise. Bringing myself back to the real world. looking at the situation from both sides Both the good outcomes we expect

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How healthy is Surf Skate?

                   Reputed to be a sport. It must have more or less health benefits. The benefits of Surf Skate are good for health as follows: 1. It is a cardio exercise mixed with weight training. Don’t just think that surf skating is a sport that doesn’t

Heart valve disease.

          Leaky heart valves disease can happen to anyone. At any age. So you should be aware of your symptoms. Because this disease is a silent threat that is no less dangerous. Abnormalities of the heart are all silent threats that are frightening. Especially if the

3 tips to drink water for beautiful skin in summer 

3 tips to drink water for beautiful skin in summer  3 tips to drink water. Did you know that “water” is an essential element of the body and it is something that we cannot live without? Because in the body Of the people, water is a component of up

Food allergies passive and food allergy

Food allergies passive and food allergy

Did you know? “Food intolerance and food allergy” are not the same. Many people misunderstand that “ Food allergies passive and food allergy “ is the same symptoms. But actually the two symptoms are different. So today let’s understand the difference of causes and symptoms better. in order to start taking