What is Brownout Syndrome?

What is Brownout Syndrome? Many people are probably familiar with Burnout symptoms that are caused by working hard to the point where the body is almost unable to support. Been stressed for a long time Until the flames do not want to work anymore. But with Brownout, it is a symptom of people who still have fire in their work. but pushed out of his mind to continue with the organization.

What is Brownout Syndrome?

Burnout = out of fire, Brownout = out of mind

A survey by corporate balance concepts found that only 5% of employees quit because of burnout, but more than 40% of employees decided to quit because of burnout.

Brownout Syndrown What is the type of mental breakdown in the organization?

If an employee or employee has these symptoms It’s possible they’re losing their minds.

  • became less enthusiastic about the chief’s orders.
  • Start refusing to work overtime or urgent work that comes on vacation
  • Started not cooperating with activities in the organization.
  • Starting to distance myself from the society of colleagues  
  • He began to feel tired, lethargic, and often sick.  

But the despondency was hard to notice. Some people may not show it. no talk no alarm Before the leader knew it, it was the last straw. Or know it again when the employee has already submitted the resignation letter.

to solve problems and deal with delays Let’s see what is the reason? that makes employees lose their minds to work with the organization.