What causes employees to lose heart in the organization ?

  • Rules in fastidious organizations and unfair

Even living together in society requires rules to maintain order. But fussy and inflexible rules put pressure on employees. feeling too controlled and can be uncomfortable. Including injustice such as flexibility of rules for certain groups of people which this injustice. It is a great bias and discord in the organization. 

How do you fix it? : The rules in the organization created should apply equally to everyone. not make some employees feel injustice Including each rule should be flexible according to the situation, such as being late for more than 15 minutes, deducting money, but if it’s a rainy morning, traffic jams can be given, etc.

Can do more, but the rewards are always

The main reason why smart people Gradually leaving the organization is not receiving a worthwhile return. It can be repeated as much as with people who work like a request This will make employees feel that Then why do good things? / No matter how good you do, it’s always / You don’t have to work a lot to get rewards anyway? 

In addition to equal pay, some companies do not punish, warn, or deal with them. plus people who work hard It has never received any rewards, dividends or compliments if it continues like this. Employees who are willing to work may start to lose their minds. and started looking for a new organization that offers more rewards than the investment

How do you fix it? : Assess performance based on facts, give dividends, promote or give compliments to employees who work hard and do well. let employees grow do not stop felt that the effort was meaningful Help motivate employees.

  • headstrong do not understand human

person as supervisor Besides being good at work Must also be highly human. Many organizations that employees often leave. Part of it came from the boss’s selfishness. The tall ego Not accepting different opinions, not listening to reasons, lacking sympathy, not admitting mistakes, unpredictable, biased, and many more. do not want to support the mood and negative energy.  

How do you fix it? : If any organization that has people in the team resigned as playing. Some of them weren’t able to come in and run away. May have to start to focus on the team leader. Looking at work, managing subordinates to change attitude and adjust behavior because if left Surely no one would want to apply to join the team again. 

The purpose of the work is unclear.

Some organizations ordered the work and finished. Define only the deadline But he refused to say what this work was for. Or how will this work affect the organization? When the goal of the work is not seen. Many employees are not interested (with all their heart) because they do not know that what they do is useful. Or how much is it valuable to the organization? What have you done? If not, what effect will it have? Do you need us..or anyone? Can this work? This is another reason for the resignation.

How do you fix it? : Of course, every Organizations have goals for growth. But be sure to communicate those goals to your employees. Let employees know how the work they do will affect the organization. For example the goal is to increase sales. If this works successfully. It will help the organization to increase profits. When the goals are clear and employees can achieve their goals They will feel the value in themselves for the organization.