Tips for working on the screen without hurting your eyes

Tips for working on the screen without hurting your eyes. In addition to food that nourishes the eyes in the long run. If you don’t want your eyes to deteriorate prematurely. The behavior of sitting in front of the screen playing ufabet should be adjusted as well.

Tips for working on the screen
  • reposition the computer Keep the screen about 20-28 inches from your eyes. 
  • The desk area should be well lit. It will help to look at the computer screen more comfortably. and reduce eye fatigue
  • Adjust the brightness of your computer or notebook screen so that it is neither too dark nor too bright. because it may cause us to focus more on our eyes than usual until the symptoms of eye fatigue or eye pain
  • Adjust the font size to be clearly visible. Prevents eye focusing too hard.
  • blink more often to add moisture to the eyes Prevents burning or dry eyes
  • Wear glasses with blue light blocking lenses.

As we said There was only one pair of eyes. Taking good care of your eyes is something that should not be ignored. Who has to work in front of the screen for a long time. Don’t forget to take the advice and give it a try. And the best way is to check your eye health at least once a year. enough to find something wrong. The doctor will be able to help you heal in time. The eyes will be healthy and stay with us for a long time.