Tips for dealing with garbage

Tips for dealing with garbage in the house. Garbage sorting can start easily in the home. Let’s take a look at the various garbage that occurs in our homes and in our daily life. How should I manage ufabet?

Tips for dealing with garbage
  • Plastic glasses, water bottles, plastic food containers Hot bag for curry: pour water, pour out all the food scraps. Then wash with plain water. Or wipe the grease off and let the container dry completely before discarding.
  • Food waste : Throw it all together in a wet trash bin. There should be a cover to prevent insects and animals.
  • Meatball skewers : broken into pieces, using rubber bands to tie together then wrapped in paper to reduce accidents that may occur to garbage collectors.
  • Diapers, sanitary napkins : wrap tightly before discarding.
  • Glass fragments : Wrap them together completely with paper or cardboard and identified the wrapped face as broken glass .
  • Used cooking oil : filter out food residues, fill in bottles, can be sold.
  • Used mask : cut or tear the mask into flaws, fold it in half twice, put it in a bag and tie the mouth of the bag tightly. Identify the wrapped face as a mask/infectious waste.

waste sorted properly leading to the correct removal

Q : In the end, the waste that is separated is put together in the garbage truck, why do we have to separate the garbage..? 

  • If it’s wet garbage will be sent to make compost
  • If it is recycled waste will go into the next serialization process
  • and if it is general garbage will be taken to the landfill or burned with high heat become an alternative fuel 

But if we throw away the trash together, paper or plastic containers should be recyclable. May be soaked with oil stains from food. and decay It is difficult to recycle again. It is a problem in the removal process. Some of the misplaced waste could also leak into the sea. Until becoming an environmental problem that follows again, a simple summary is that the separation of waste increases the amount of recycling. and reduce the amount of waste that must be disposed of This results in the reduction of waste on the planet as well.