New positive thinking

Positive thinking alone is not bad. But it’s not enough to make us achieve our goals. We have to be optimistic and think about the obstacles that may arise. Bringing myself back to the real world.

looking at the situation from both sides Both the good outcomes we expect and the obstacles that may arise. Will make us think and act as realistically as possible.

It will lead us to expect success. are encouraged and able to achieve goals But do not forget to think about the obstacles that arise. It will give us the enthusiasm to get the job done.

We can practice seeing both sides of the situation. To keep us positive and to keep us active. By following the steps below.

  1. Wish indicates what we want it to happen.
  2. Outcome the best results we can expect.
  3. Obstacle thinks of the obstacles that will arise.
  4. Plan

The study found that WOOP positive thinking helped volunteers achieve their goals by 80%, compared to only 30%

of the control group lack of confidence Therefore, we need to know how to plan for situations such as before the interview, if you feel insecure. Just remind yourself that we are capable enough to do it.
With WOOP positivity, we can achieve success simply by nudging and asking ourselves a single question. What is it that prevents us from achieving our goals?

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