Eating ice often overlooked dangerous

Eating ice often overlooked dangerous. Hot weather like this, something that will help cool down won’t escape. eat ice often because it helps cool But in that delight there is also a hidden danger. Today I will tell you about the bio. 

Ice destroys landscape

The mentioned that ice should stop drinking. For two major reasons: 

  1. ice destroys landscape Because many nutrients As the body needs, especially vitamin E, it is soluble in fat. But if you eat cold water or ice, vitamins and minerals. In the digestive system, it has to work to aid in digestion and blood circulation. When exposed to ice or cold water, they clump together, become indigestible, unable to function, and the body will no longer be able to use vitamin E. until affecting various systems of the body such as the heart system, blood system, kidney system, etc.
  2. Ice in Thailand, many places that are not very clean in the production process, can easily become contaminated. and especially in the event of an epidemic like this The more the risk increases as well.

buy ice

Although ice is involved in the destruction of the body’s landscape. But if the weather is so hot that I really can’t resist The Department of Health also has recommendations for buying ice as well.

It is recommended to buy clean ice in sealed packaging bags. and recommend to buy tube ice or ice unit Instead of crushed ice, hand ice, which may be contaminated by the production process including contamination from a person more easily 

for observing clean and safe ice There are several ways to do this: 

  1. notice the packaging There must be a message  “Ice is edible” with blue letters and 13-digit food serial number in FDA mark.
  2. The ice must be clear and not cloudy. 
  3. when the ice melts There must be no black tadpoles. 
  4. Ice must be colorless and odorless. 

The dangers of eating ice

The danger of eating ice comes not only from contamination. But the water that produces the ice also plays a big part. Eating ice contaminated with bacteria can often cause illness.

  1. Diarrhea, which in severe cases may cause diarrhea, to the point of having to go to the hospital 
  2. risk of parasite contamination which comes from both water sources that are used to make ice including the cleanliness of the ice plant 
  3. Abdominal pain, dysentery, caused by bacteria from raw water sources used to produce ice. 
  4. Contamination from ice-makers 

And another issue of concern for eating ice in this era is If someone infected with COVID touches ice in the production process It can cause the infection to persist for as long as 2 hours to 3 days ever.

The Department of Health has suggested that a good way Therefore, you should make your own ice for safety. By choosing to use filtered water, boiled before freezing.