7 techniques to work from home

Going in and out of work at the same time as when working at the office.

7 techniques to work from home. Working from home can be done whenever and wherever. This may cause working hours to flow unconsciously. Because they do not have to worry about traveling. Don’t worry about traffic jams Late in the evening, no one came to turn off the lights. But if this happens often Time should be off work and personal time to relax will be swallowed up, which will cause the work life balance to collapse as well. We recommends that the work time of the office. Try to complete the task in a timely manner. and turn off the computer immediately when it’s time to finish work to enter rest mode. The best way is to refrain from replying to emails.

7 techniques to work from home

Get up, get dressed, have breakfast.

Work from home, wake up early and sit in front of the computer and work right away. Because the routine of waking up and taking a shower on the public bus to the office is no longer available, but OfficeMate recommends that the alarm be set at the same time. Just like when you have to go out to work in the office. Then get up and take a refreshing shower. Put on make up and have breakfast to power up. doing the same routine will affect the feeling Let us feel that we have to go to work. a small technique That helps increase the activity sure enough.

Find a dedicated workspace not working in bed

The comfort of working at home is to sit and work anywhere But the prohibition is important. Do not sit and work on the bed at all. Because the brain remembers that the bed is a sleeping area. Working on the bed makes me feel sleepy and can’t concentrate on the job as they should. When the work doesnt finish because I accidentally take a nap, I have to sit and stress again.

In addition, half-sitting and half-laying also cause back pain. A good way to set up a dedicated workspace When it’s time to go to work After work, leave the area there. like coming back from the office It is a technique to help separate the work area from the rest area. It also helps to save neck and shoulder health as well. 

to work at home But the chair must be comfortable.

Another cause of stress when working from home is an uncomfortable chair . resulting in neck and shoulder pain Many of them had the pain spreading all the way to their heads and eyes. When the pain is severe, it will cause distraction, unable to think about work, unable to concentrate on work And when you’re stressed, it’s more painful than ever. OfficeMate recommends investing in Get a good work chair , and you’ll find that simply changing your chair can really make your work life better. I don’t believe you have to try. 

working several hours in a row Don’t forget to find time to take a break.

Research from the Harvard Business Review website ( Hardvard Business Review ) indicates that working time balance. And help increase work efficiency is 57 minutes of work and 17 minutes of breaks, so during work at home Try to schedule work interspersed with short breaks Maybe go out to make coffee, check social media, play with pets. or watching funny clips to relax, this can help reduce stress. It is also a break from the computer screen with blue light. This can cause eye strain as well.

Find something to do in your spare time will not focus on stress

When you’re heartbroken, find something to do so you can think of something else. If working from home is stressful, use the same technique. Holiday or free time after work Try to find other hobbies to do. Such as reading, practicing textbook baking, playing record-breaking games, learning a third language, exercise challenges. Or find an online course to learn to increase your skills. To draw our attention to other matters not focusing on stress and help to reduce the tedious stay at home. Because there are other activities Make a replacement for going out. 

Don’t forget to reward yourself for completing each day’s tasks.

After completing the task, don’t forget to reward yourself. By making the rest time after work as valuable and relaxing as possible. Whether it’s watching a movie Watching your favorite series, playing games, ordering delicious food to eat. Also taking a dip in the bathtub or  ufabet online to relieve stress. It is another technique to help divide your personal time from your work time.