Your appetite for dessert may be rooted in your genes.

Your appetite for dessert may be rooted in your genes.Why do you want to eat something sweet all the time? We were originally known to be the body’s mechanism for satisfaction. From the outside environment that is inappropriate for the body, such as lack of sleep.

But research has shown that Not only that Actually, it may be buried deep within our genes. A study of over 6500 Danish people found that approximately 20% of people with the abnormal FGF21 gene were more likely to constantly seek dessert and enjoy it.

appetite for dessert
Adorable little girl eating cake with appetite enjoying perfect taste of dessert

It’s the FGF21 gene, it tells your body to produce a hormone (it’s called FGF21)

which suppresses appetite in lab rats and other animals. When there are results from this new ufabet research.

Let us know that it might also affect humans!

In the future, the research team hopes to study more genes. Whether this gene will affect weight and diabetes in humans or not.

It is assumed that “Mice deficient in FGF21, they ate twice as much sucrose as other mice. We would like to see if someone who is missing FGF21 will become a dessert addict. “

As we all know, food is a very important factor that will help us control health care
further, we may have the answer. Why exercise is not skinny? Why do I want to eat fussy snacks all the time? Why am I a good diet but I can’t control my sugar levels at all?

appetite for dessert

Biomolecules are new. It is the future of the medical field. If you compare it, it’s like NASA tries to study as far as possible. But the biomolecule is to back and study ourselves. What really makes us What controls us

The next 10-20 years We may draw blood and tell whether this person is fat or not. Who will get type 2 diabetes and the risk of different types of cancer? 

But before we get to that point, self-control is the most important. Any gene cannot control us. If our hearts are strong enough
After reading it, hurry and put the dessert in hand!