Why runners need to get enough sleeping.

Why runners need to get enough sleeping? Many people get insufficient sleep. In America alone, 40% of the population sleeps for less than 7 hours, which is one in three people. Getting enough sleep improves our mood, giving us more energy, giving us energy. A stronger immune system Make the body recover quickly and efficiently. This is the reason why we should practice our sleep schedule as strictly as we do with the practice schedule. Let’s take a look at what benefits runners can benefit from getting enough sleep.

Recovered body

This is because the body releases certain hormones during our slow brain waves when we are asleep, it is Growth Hormone . cell Sufficient secretion of growth hormones helps to repair these cells. Makes us stronger, stronger and faster It also helps convert fat into energy and strengthens your bones, so if you don’t get enough sleep, your body will release less growth hormone, causing your body to recover significantly. Have problems with injuries and so on

get enough sleeping

Stress and insufficient sleep

According to research published in the journal ufabet Sports Medicine , sleep deprivation increases the release of the hormone cortisol. Which normally the body releases this hormone during stress. This will make it more difficult for the body to recover and will have many health problems.

Eating too much

According to the New York Center for Obesity Nutrition Research, people who don’t get enough sleep may eat 300 calories or more. Adequate sleep causes the body to release the right amount of hunger hormones such as ghrelin. There is also a hormone that is affected by adequate sleep, leptin, which is responsible for the metabolism. Feel full Keeps telling us that we eat enough If we sleep a little, we will have too little of this hormone.

How much should we sleep?

The answer is it depends on the person. Because each person has different sleep needs, the factors vary. Such as training intensity, age, stress, environment, genetics and so on. Most current research suggests we should get at least 7-8 hours of sleep during the night for people who don’t exercise. But for runners, it might be better to sleep than that.

get enough sleeping

Running and sleep needs

To add 1 minute of sleep per mile or 1.6 km over a 1 week period, suppose if we run 20 km per week, we sleep 20 minutes more per day. The more time to rest and repair the body more. Therefore, marathon runners need to sleep more than others.

And don’t forget about the quality of your sleep.

Be careful not to eat too much 3-4 hours before bedtime, avoid alcohol and caffeine, gradually increase your sleep time a little. We may sleep 10–20 minutes faster in the first week. And in the following weeks, I gradually shift my bedtime to 10 minutes faster. Try to train your body to sleep on the schedule and make it a habit, avoiding the use of any communication device and any device that emits blue light. Which would make the body mistakenly think that this is daytime. If it is on holiday, it is not wise to sleep late, be strict about sleeping a lot.