What is oatmeal?

It may be confusing for many people that ok. What is the difference between oat and oatmeal? Because it’s oats as well. But in fact when talking about oats. Usually refers to whole oats. And unprocessed, most often used as animal feed. Or use in the livestock industry. But refers to oats that have been ground or processed. That can be cook food quickly in a matter of minutes. We often eat oatmeal in the form of cereal, add hot water, or add warm milk for breakfast. It is soft and juicy similar to porridge.

If you start to get bored of the same old cereal. in the morning but still want a simple breakfast Suitable for hustle and bustle time, easy to fill, easy on the stomach and good for health. We presents oatmeal, a good benefit from oats that will help your breakfast no longer monotonous. But UFABET how is good for health? Let’s follow this article.


Oatmeal consists of oats that have been processed by grinding and rolling until flat. Ready to eat and eating half a cup (about 78 grams) of oatmeal will get the following important nutrients:

Energy 303 calories.

51 grams of carbohydrates, 13 grams of protein, 5 grams of fat, 8 grams of fiber

In addition, oatmeal also provide many essential nutrients for the body such as

manganese, phosphorus, magnesium , iron

Folate (Folate), Vitamin B1,B5,B6

Including antioxidants that are useful as well.