What is Anaerobic?

Anaerobic is exercise in which the body anaerobic. Because it is a form of exercise that is quite intense, fast and requires strength. Until almost no time to breathe The heart and blood vessels cannot pump enough oxygen to the muscles that it needs.

That is to say, while exercising, you won’t feel tired at all. Will feel breathless and tired only from time to time And just a short time Anaerobic activities such as

  • jump
  • Run fast
  • Do weight training exercises

Anaerobic exercise Contributing to good health such as

  • Enhance the endurance of the body Anaerobic exercise consumes little energy from oxygen. The body rarely feels tired or panting, so if able to go through an aerobic exercise. Other exercises It will be more easy
  • Helps keep muscles strong Because during anaerobic exercise The body rarely uses oxygen for energy. But use energy stored in the muscles instead Through this process, it helps to increase muscle mass and strengthen the muscles as well.
  • Helps keep bones strong Because this type of exercise rarely requires oxygen. Thus contributing to increasing bone density Helps keep bones strong And reduce the risk of osteoporosis
  • Help reduce fat, such exercise that requires strength and high speed It can help to increase the efficiency of burning fat and calories as well.

Aerobic exercise and Anaerobic exercise can help you lose weight better.

Of course, exercise In any form, they all have a purpose to help the body stay healthy. Both aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise Even hoping for results of helping to lose weight Both exercises are responsible for the overall burning of fat and calories.

If asking which one is better I need to give an aerobic exercise or exercise hits. (High-Intensity Intermittent Exercise or HIIT) because it is an exercise that uses both strength and speed. Thus helping to strengthen muscles and bones Can burn more fat than aerobic exercise

However, while anaerobic exercise is effective in reducing fat. And helps you lose weight better But the exerciser should choose the exercise according to their own factors. To prevent serious injury while exercising It may start with aerobic exercise first. Once the body gets used to it, it moves to anaerobic exercise.