Ways to reduce water weight in your body

Ways to reduce water weight in your body. Our bodies store up to 60% of water, which is then used to perform important functions in the body. Of course, many people are concerned about water weight , especially professional athletes and weightlifters who need to be weighed before a race. (With the weight limit of the race) or because you want to have a better shape.

reduce water weight

Water Weight is the body weight resulting from excess water accumulation of the body.

We call this excess water accumulation. ‘Edema’, although it is not dangerous But it can have serious side effects to your health that can lead to diseases such as heart disease, liver, kidney disease etc.

This article is suitable for healthy individuals and athletes who want to lose the weight produced by excess water. And if you have severe edema, swelling of your feet or arms, you should consult your doctor.

1. Exercise regularly.

Exercise is probably the best way to lose weight from edema. Any type of exercise that increases sweating will lead to a dehydration in the body.

During exercise, the body also supplies large amounts of water to the muscles. This reduces the amount of water outside the cells. And makes people with edema having a better-looking physical condition as well However, we still need to drink plenty of ufabet fluids during exercise.

Another option to increase sweating and reduce water buildup is: ‘Sauna’ which should be done after going to the gym

2. Get more sleep

Research on sleep found Sleep is just as important to health as diet and exercise. Sleep can affect the nervous system and kidneys. This serves to regulate sodium levels and body water balance. Adequate sleep can also help regulate the hydration levels in the body. And reduce excess water accumulation as well

Let us set a goal of sleeping with a sufficient amount of time and quality. Which most people should have about 7-9 hours of sleep

3. Reduce stress

Long-term stress will give us The hormone cortisol increases, which directly increases water retention and gains weight from edema. This is because stress and cortisol cause the body to increase the secretion of a hormone involved in the body’s water build-up, ADH.

ADH sends a signal to the kidneys and tells the kidneys that How much water do I need to return to my body?

If we can control stress levels We have normal levels of cortisol and ADH, which are important in maintaining water balance in the body. And prevent the occurrence of serious diseases in the long run

4. Take electrolyte supplements. (Electrolytes)

Electrolyte Are minerals that can conduct electricity such as magnesium and potassium. They play an important role in the body such as regulating the water balance in the body.

When we have our electrolyte levels too high or too low This can lead to water imbalance in the body, causing edema. We should adjust the electrolyte intake to our water intake. If you drink a lot of water, you should also get more electrolytes.

If we exercise every day or live in a hot, humid or hot country. We may need more electrolytes. To compensate for the electrolytes lost through sweat

On the other hand, if we get a lot of electrolytes from supplements or salty foods. Combined with drinking less water It will cause the opposite effect and add that edema.

5. Control the amount of salt intake each day.

Sodium, which we get from salt every day. Is one of the electrolytes that can be found commonly in the human body. It plays an important role in regulating the water level. If we have too much or too little sodium, this will lead to imbalance and water build-up.

Eating too much salt, which is usually caused by overprocessed foods, can lead to water buildup. Especially if you drink less water and don’t exercise.h

However, it depends on the person how much sodium they are eating and how much sodium they have in their blood. One study suggests that excess water is accumulated only when food intake is increased. Or a change in eating habits each day

6. Taking magnesium supplements

Magnesium is one of the most important electrolytes and minerals. It has recently gained popularity as a health and performance supplement.

There have been studies that show that magnesium plays more than 600 different roles in the body. Research in women has shown that magnesium can reduce weight caused by excess water buildup and help reduce “Symptoms before monthly” can

This change is possible because magnesium works in conjunction with other electrolytes such as sodium and potassium. When they work together, they control the water balance in the body.

7. Eating dandelion supplements

Dandelion Its scientific name is Taraxacum officinale. It is an herb that has been used as an alternative treatment for excess water buildup.

Dandelion supplements help to lose weight caused by excess water. By telling the kidneys to diuretic, more salt and sodium. Research has shown that it causes more frequent urination over a five-hour period, but although it is more popular, But more research is needed on dandelion supplements.

8. Drinking more water

This is quite interesting. Because drinking enough water will cause the body to reduce water retention. The body needs to stay healthy all the time.

So if we have frequent dehydration The body will try to accumulate water to prevent there is too little water.

Drinking the right amount of water each day is also important for liver and kidney health. Which may help reduce water accumulation in the long run

The benefits from drinking more water are not all that far. Studies have shown that drinking enough water is good for your overall health, such as burning fat. And the system of the brain

And as always Is to maintain balance is the best way. If we drink too much water, it can make us gain weight.

We just need to drink water when we are thirsty. And stop drinking when you feel like you’ve drank enough And may need to drink a little more if it’s hot or requires exercise

We also need to observe the color of the urine. If it is light yellow or clear, then we are getting enough water.

9. Focus on eating healthy food.

reduce water weight

There are many foods that can help prevent excess water build-up.

We recommend eating foods rich in potassium , as potassium can help control your sodium levels. And helps to increase the amount of urine production Which can help reduce excess water accumulation

Dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, bananas, avocados, tomatoes, and yogurt. Or various dairy products They are good for health and high in potassium.

Magnesium supplements or foods high in magnesium are also recommended, such as dark chocolate, dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, and whole grains.

Foods and herbs listed below. Will help us reduce excess water accumulation
– Corn Silk
– Horsetail Grass
– Parsley
– Hibiscus
– Garlic
– Fennel
– Nettel ( Nettle)

Although abdominal swelling is not caused by excess water But we also have to limit or stop eating foods that can cause bloating, such as processed foods, foods high in fiber And sometimes nuts and dairy products

10. Reduce carbohydrates.

It is another strategy for quickly reducing excess water build-up. Carbohydrates are stored in the muscles and liver as glycogen. But the glycogen also draws water as part of it.

In short, every one gram Crow Jane may have 3-4 grams of water in it, this is why many people find themselves losing weight quickly after using the diet as “Slow carbs” (the Low The Carb. ) Which is because it reduces the amount of glycogen itself

Carbohydrates can also cause insulin levels to rise. Causing more sodium to accumulate And causing the kidneys to absorb water back

Low carb diet will cause insulin levels to drop. This reduces the sodium and water in the kidneys.

11. Take caffeine supplements, drink tea and coffee.

Caffeine and caffeinated beverages like coffee and tea have diuretic effects and weight loss from excess water buildup. It will help increase the amount of urine for a short period of time. And reduce the accumulated water a little more

Research conducted in which volunteers drink plain water and water containing caffeine at a ratio of 4.5 mg / kg of body weight, found that caffeine intake increased urine volume to a noticeable increase.

And although it will help to urinate But it will not make people who drink every day have symptoms of dehydration in any way.

12.Change behavior

One of the best behavior changes is Quitting eating processed foods Including stopping eating too much salt

In addition, we also have to stop the habit of sitting all day or sitting for a long time. Which will reduce blood flow Exercise increases blood flow and will help us to excrete excess water through sweat.

Certain medications can cause excess water buildup. So ask your doctor or pharmacist if you have to take a pill every day and think it might give you edema.

reduce water weight

Although it is not related to excess water accumulation. We also need to pay attention to the food we eat. And be sure that it will not cause problems with the digestive system or cause bloated stomach.

However, if we drink or consume too much or too little water, liquor, minerals, caffeine and salt. It can cause excess water to accumulate. Therefore should focus on the best balance

13. Use of diuretics

Diuretics are sometimes used to treat the symptoms of excess water buildup. It will cause the kidneys to excrete excess water and salt through the urine. Often times, doctors give diuretics to patients with heart and lung problems. To help with blood pressure, prevent more water from accumulating, or to reduce swelling.

But be sure to remember that there is a difference between getting a prescription diuretic and taking a prescription. With the drug obtained by going to buy it yourself

Prescription drugs are tested to be safe long term. While our over-the-counter medications may be tested a little and may not always be tested for safety.

Both of these drugs can both reduce edema or excessive water buildup. But no matter what, you should first ask your doctor what drugs you should take to be safe