Warning signs that you are “fat”

Warning signs that you are “fat”. Actually, these things don’t need a lot of signals. You just have a feeling that laziness does not want to do anything often. He’s already getting fat but there are clearer signs. Let’s try to check if there are any warning signs that you are about to get fat !!

Warning signs that you are "fat"

1. Belly
Of course belly out if it starts to flare up Seems to have surpassed other parts, which is clear Getting fat So make a schedule for exercising quickly. At least 40 minutes a day, 2-3 times a week is enough.

2. Easy to get tired, 
because exercise will make your friends stay hard, it may seem strange but true. Let’s observe that Most obese people tend to be tired easily, move a little, sweat a lot. But there are cases that have underlying diseases, then leave it and go to the doctor. But if the body is normal without disease That is the promise of “fat”.

3. Eat a lot.

Warning signs that you are "fat"

I have a feeling that all things are good to eat. Enter only as desired. Let me tell you, you have become addicted to eating, the solution is to have patience, turn to a lot of vegetables, drink lots of ufabet water, win your heart for sure.

4. Weight gain !! 
If someone’s home has a weighing scale, try weighing it out often. If you compete with the machine, it’s guaranteed. In the future, obesity asks for Knee pain and severe joint pain can cause arthritis. Are you ready for a run?

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 Have you ever thought that you were getting fat? But what kind of symptoms are described? Let’s share some. Of the admin, just not exercising.