Walking to stimulate metabolism

Walking to stimulate metabolism. It cannot be denied that “walking” is one of the daily activities of each person. Some people use walking for health care, such as walking to work, walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Walk to talk to your coworker instead of using an intercom. The health columnists at health.com have also recommended great tips if you are a walker and want to optimize your walking for better results. Should read this article strongly.

Walking to stimulate metabolism

Walk uphill Walking to stimulate metabolism

Walking on an area with a slope Or if running on a track, set the slope To a level that feels more tired It will help burn more calories than walking on the ground up to 67 percent, which is not a small number ever.

Step faster

Gives the feeling of cardio exercise Can increase the calories burned from 150 calories in 30 minutes to 190 calories in 30 minutes ever. This method, in addition to stimulating the metabolism is excellent. It is also good for the cardiovascular system as well.

Use the app

There are currently a lot of health-related applications. Plus many brands are made out for free, so don’t hesitate to download and try it out. Whether it is a motion recording app The app reminds to move the body. App teaches a simple workout, these technologies will help you know the information.
Exercise each day Know what to add or add To help burn more calories.

Remind yourself every hour

If you work in an office that is busy all the time Despite allotting time each day for exercise But moving around during the day is very necessary. Because it reduces the chance of having office symptoms, stress syndrome, and metabolic obesity. Try setting a timer every hour to remind yourself to get up, walk around, go to the bathroom, deliver to work, or stretch out at your desk. To increase the efficiency of the circulatory system

Challenge a colleague

Try creating a game that is played between your co-workers, bosses, or employees, such as a step counter, using a pedometer app built into your smartphone. To compare each week that Who in the office walks the most That person may be rewarded with a free lunch from a coworker, guaranteed to increase their enthusiasm, fun, and extremely healthy.

Add other exercises

If there is an opportunity to walk around the neighborhood Or in the park Recommend to try and stop at the bench. Use two arms to hold the backrest. Then do squat lunge or swing your legs to the side for 10 to 15 times before going forward. This will help increase strength and strengthen muscles. Helps to burn calories better