The right time to practice yoga

The right time to practice yoga. At the core of Yoga is to train the mind still. Uniting body and mind And strengthen the mind to the level of raising the mind to a higher level. It also improves balance for oneself and others. Including balance for oneself and the environment. This science will train us in every dimension, including physical, mental, emotional, personality, etc., which is considered a holistic human development.

The right time to practice yoga

Who can practice yoga

Yoga can be practiced by everyone, genders, and ages. It has beneficial effects and helps prevent physical problems such as joint problems, improves muscle flexibility. And surrounding tissues Strengthens the muscles throughout More than that. it is good for the circulatory system Dilation of blood vessels.

The right time to practice yoga

 The hormonal system in the body, the nervous system, the respiratory system makes it easier to see the world positively, focus, calm, and experience happiness. Recognizing and achieving the deep needs within oneself The human body is affected by everything that is within and everything around us here, including what we eat. What we breathe, what we do, what we think and what we feel.

After waking up in the morning

This is the ideal time for virtual yoga as the time of exposure to the sun. To help train the body, mind and spirit of the trainees to welcome a bright new day More importantly, it helps create good health for many aspects of health. Whether it is refreshing Awake to make the body more ready for work and daily life.

Morning and evening

Weather in the morning and evening This is another time that is suitable for yoga because when the weather is not hot. The blood pressure will not be high, making yoga practice effective. The stimulates the rhythm of the heart Good effect on the work of the heart muscle and the vascular system.

Therefore, it is not recommended to play at noon. This is because the blood pressure is the most high because the sun’s gravity towards the Earth is strong during the day. Can be observed from the weight of our light. If we weigh in the daytime But if weighing at midnight Our weight is the heaviest.

No more than 3 hours after meals

If you choose to do yoga after meals, you should play within 2-3 hours after eating and do not eat too full. Due to the time after eating It is a time when the body requires energy and oxygen to digest food primarily. Therefore, if exercising immediately after meals. That energy will be more drawn to your metabolism. It negatively affects the digestive system and has a long-term adverse effect on our physical health.

The right time to practice yoga

If you want to practice ufabet yoga after breakfast You should choose a light menu such as half a banana. 1 handful of berries or spinach, etc. to increase the sugar level In the blood vessels to have enough strength to use energy in yoga.

Before 2 p.m.

Time after sunset Yoga practice can still be done. But should not exceed 8:00 pm or 2 pm because exercise by yoga makes the body awake. If playing after that time or too late May cause insomnia. The body is restless because of yoga or even exercise. It takes about 2 hours to burn fat after doing yoga.

In addition, yoga also helps in the shape of us as well. Both as losing excess weight. Because the natural metabolic mechanism helps the body into equilibrium. It helps to keep the muscles in shape Strengthen the skin to look younger Slow down aging And increase the flexibility of the skin.