The core exercises why its important

The core exercises why its important ? For runners like us Regular core muscle training. It is like a blessing that God has given. It will improve your running form, reduce the chance of injury, and improve exercise performance. This article offers runners core strength ufabet training tips for all runners.

The core exercises

What is the core muscle?

Muscle Core , it is not just the abs only. It is like the center of the body full of muscles. Which is responsible for connecting the pelvis, spine And the body together Including other parts of the body, which is divided into 5 main parts as follows.

  1. The Rectus Abdominals: As we call it a six-pack.
  2. The Obliques: Side Abs
  3. The Erector Spinae: The lower back muscles.
  4. The Transverse Muscles: Deep abs
  5. The Glutes: Muscles in the buttocks.

The benefits runners will benefit from training their core muscles.

The core exercises
  • Deep Abs will help us run faster.
    If we have a 6 pack of muscles and a strong Deep Abs muscle, especially the lower and inner parts. Will allow us to build speed and power in running
  • The obliques help us maintain good running form.
    This muscle is important in supporting the body. And helps to have good running form Anyone running long distances will see clear results.
  • Help maintain stability
    If we refuse to train the core muscles We are also at risk of giving us poor performance in running. It will give us an unbalanced posture when running. Adversely affect running performance
  • The core muscles protect the lower back muscles.
    Research found Having a strong core muscle will help reduce lower back pain. And reduce the risk of injury
  • There are 6 packs and good shape.
    If you want to have the shape of your dreams However, we need to train this muscle.