The advantages of cycling

The advantages of cycling It is believed that the people who follow the Ducking Tiger website are probably the most avid riders. But there may be many people who are still hesitant. I don’t know whether to start spinning or not. Or should I intend to spin seriously? Today we have 13 benefits of cycling that will help confirm that cycling is really beneficial.

 advantages of cycling

Helps to sleep deeper than before.

Morning cycling Helps us sleep deeper and reduce insomnia. Stanford University School of Medicine It was tested for people with sleep problems (Insomnia) to go cycling in the morning every day for 20-30 minutes a day. The results showed that people with insomnia can sleep close to nearly an hour faster. But before you may have to sleep and wait for a long time. Going to exercise in the morning Help our body get the sun as it should be. It helps the body to fall asleep more easily during the night.

Help your face look younger

Many people would like this. Cycling helps the body to transport oxygen and nutrients better. And help excrete toxins in the body more efficiently In addition to exercise Like cycling, it stimulates the production of collagen. Helps reduce facial wrinkles. Therefore, it is not uncommon for people who regularly ride bicycles to look full and bright. (But don’t forget if sunscreen before a round)

Easier to excrete

Health experts at the University of Bristol argue that cycling stimulates food to pass through the intestines more quickly. Which reduces the absorption of water in the colon This means that the stool will not dry out. Makes us able to film more fluently In addition, cycling stimulates breathing and heart rate. Which increases the strength of the contraction of the intestines Helps us not feel uncomfortable after eating. And prevent colon cancer as well

Brain enhancement is the advantages of cycling

Research from the University of Illinois found that people who ride bicycles regularly. The brain test scores are 15% better than normal because cycling stimulates the formation of brain cells in Hippocampus, where memory is recorded. Which will deteriorate rapidly after age 30, helping to prevent Alzheimer’s disease as well

Overall health is strengthened.

It is known that Exercise helps to strengthen our immune system, and various pathogens have less of an effect on us. Health reports from England said People who cycle for at least 30 minutes for five days a week. Are more than twice as likely to get sick than people who do not exercise at all This point, the admin knows very well. Because after starting cycling Chronic asthma symptoms that have been present since childhood have gradually disappeared and are now completely cured.

Long life

Research from King’s Collegel London tested more than 2,400 twins, finding that the twins only cycled for 45 minutes three times a week. Live longer than twins who do not exercise for over 9 years on average. Because cycling improves the blood and respiratory systems Help reduce disease, pressure, obesity, various types of cancer as a whole, the body will be more efficient in regenerating and healing itself Helps reduce the risk of heart disease by more than 50%.

Save the world is one of The advantages of cycling

Space to park a car. It can be used to park more than 20 bicycles. We use raw materials and various chemicals and energy to produce one bike five times less than that of automobiles. Of course, bikes are not polluting. Cycling is also three times more energy efficient than walking. At the same distance

Today’s automakers like to show off how many liters of oil their cars use per kilo of mileage. When you meet a bike, it gets cold. Because if you compare the energy we use in cycling Translated to look like a car, it will get about 4,705 kilo / liter.

Increase sexual performance

I saw many people on the forum Thaimtb conference. Cycling improves blood circulation. Which side effects are Increased sex drive A study from Cornell University found that cyclists had the same sexual performance as those younger than 4 to 5, while women had postponed menopause for over five years. Howard added that men over 50 who regularly ride bicycles reduce the risk of symptoms. “He does not laugh” more than 30%

The unborn child is healthy.

Research from the University of Michigan reports that pregnant mothers But regular exercise will restore the body after giving birth. Better than mothers who do not exercise Plus, the baby in the womb will be able to develop the nervous system better than usual as well.

Work better

A study from the University of Bristol found that employees who exercise before entering Or after work Tend to work more efficiently than normal people who do not exercise Exercise boosts confidence. Commitment to work and helps to take in the stress of work better. In addition, employees who exercise regularly. Tend to take less time to rest than others Work done according to the deadline And more courteous than others

Lose weight

It is known that Cycling increases the rate of excess fat burning in the body. But it doesn’t just burn when we’re riding Experts say The bodies of cyclists regularly experience a “After Burner” state or continue to burn excess fat after a few hours after getting off the bike. Overall, the post-cycling metabolism may be greater than during cycling. As well

Interval cyclists (alternating slow + fast for a specified amount of time) are able to burn 3.5 times more fat than those at constant speed as well.

Have more friends Happier

The cycling society in Thailand is quite warm and welcoming. Anyone who sees each other riding on a bicycle will always beckon each other. And if anyone has any problems, they will always help each other Already share knowledge Getting into a cycling group with other people In addition to helping us to be more motivated and rational to ride, it also indirectly promotes our health. A Howard University study found that unfriendly and unsocial people were at a greater risk of illness than smokers and obese people. As they say, our mental state is an indication of the physical condition.

Reduce fatigue and stress

Sometimes we get tired I do not want to do anything. Going out for a ride to get some fresh air will help you feel refreshed in a surprising way. I believe that many people will experience this symptom. It is cold, bored, gloomy, and does not want to go anywhere, but when I grab my bike and ride it, I feel better. And relieve stress and anxiety Several health studies in the United States confirm that exercise can help reduce depression and fatigue.