The advantages of Aqua Aerobics or water exercises

The advantages of Aqua Aerobics or water exercises. The forces to reduce body weight to only 10-15% while in the water. so it can be done easily. Weightlessness and shock resistance are the best protection against impact. Bone and joint injuries water resistance.

It is now accepted that In addition to the aerobic exercise that was previously recommended. Resistance training twice a week is also an essential part of promoting health.

Water has a natural resistance that helps make water workouts the perfect health exercise. Water resistance will help strengthen your muscles. Slender and well-proportioned, water pressure is the secret to a pleasing water workout. Water pressure helps lower blood pressure. and the pulse slows down heart pumping and blood circulation in the body effectively

All of this makes exercising in the water doesn’t make you feel exhausted until you’re exhausted. like any other form of exercise. while providing equal benefits to the body efficient cooling While doing such exercises, it protects against the harmful effects of heat. and makes you feel refreshed, not tired after exercise. This feature is a special feature. For the hot and humid city. Which makes the body’s cooling during exercise is not good and the danger of heat easily