Swim each time how many calories can you burn?

Swim each time how many calories can you burn? Swimming is not just a fun exercise. But it’s also good for your heart health and helps tone your muscles, too. It also helps in losing weight as well. But no matter how we exercise It should be balanced by diet as well. Because it is very important to lose weight.

Swim each time how many calories can you burn

How are calories burned?

The rate of calories burned for use as energy. Well known in the beam of “Metabolic processes (Metabolism) ”  When we exercise, it will cause this process more than ever. Which will get results or how long it lasts It depends on many factors such as gender, body composition, and type of exercise.

Tom Holland, exercise physiologist and triathlete, says: A person weighing 68 kg (150 lb) will be able to burn 400 calories from swimming for an hour. Using a medium level of concentration But at a high intensity, you can burn up to 700 calories, this figure may not apply to everyone. Because there are many factors such as.

  • Time period
  • Concentration level
  • Posture used in swimming
  • weight
  • Our own swimming performance level
Swim each time how many calories can you burn

Let’s start swimming practice.

– Start with swimming 10-30 minutes, amount 1-3 days a week.

– Each week, gradually increase the duration by 5 minutes.

– The swimming posture is switched to enable multiple muscle groups.

What swim pose can burn the most energy?

We will burn more energy as we swim faster and have more distances. Fast strokes, such as freestyle poses, are potent enough to be the ones that can burn the most energy. But this does not mean that we have to use only the freestyle every time.

The amount of calories that we can burn. Will depend on Training duration and frequency. If we want to use the frog pose, we have to swim for a longer time. This will make us burn more energy there.

ufabet also advised: In practice, you should use a combination of swimming poses. In order to train many muscles and make the practice more interesting.