“Surf Skate” with good health benefit

“Surf Skate” with good health benefit , Surfing, skating is popular now. It is not only good fun and cool but also good exercise for your body.

Surf Skate" with good health benefit

Benefits of Surf Skate

  1. Practicing balance in balance

Balance Is a skill that helps prevent falling as we increase our age.

  1. Stronger muscles

Surfing, skating Help strengthen the muscles of the trunk. The abdominal muscles, back, hip and leg muscles are strengthened.

  1. Burns energy

Known for being exercise, surfing and skating can also burn off energy. Which can burn 300 kilocalories of energy per 1 hour of surfing (calculated from 56 kg person) because we both run and move the body all the time Sweat a lot as well.

However, before surfing, you should walk up your body just like before any exercise. Study methods and playing techniques correctly from people with knowledge and experience. In addition, injury protection equipment such as elbow guards, knee guards, hats, etc., to reduce the risk of serious injuries that may occur.