Main dish to lose weight

Main dish to lose weight. If we eat rice as a round plate, divide it in half with half of the vegetables. The other half is divided into 2 equal portions, with 1-4 of the plate being carbohydrates, and the other 1-4 of the plate are proteins.

Eating the complete portion of food It is essential to maintain a balanced diet on a daily basis.

Main dish to lose weight

Vegetables, in addition to containing vitamins and minerals, also contain dietary fiber.Consuming fiber in each meal will help you to feel full quickly, full for a long time, not often hungry.

Protein   is another nutrient that affects satiety as well. Because when we eat foods that contain protein. Protein maintains the elevated sugar level for a period of 3 – 4 hours and then gradually decreases. While carbohydrate diets increase the sugar level by two and a half hours and then lower.

From the picture, we can see that protein foods can help keep blood sugar levels from rising abruptly. Unlike in foods that do not contain protein Protein helps us feel full and live longer. Not hungry or eager to eat all the time.

What do you do when you are hungry? Knowing that the fluctuation of blood sugar levels affects hunger and appetite. A snack to fix, it should be a snack that is not carbohydrate. But there are proteins like peas.

Factors that make weight loss ineffective

There are many people who suffer from temporary weight loss and then return to obesity and have a higher weight. Also known as yo-yo effect. Which happened, then the doctor has an explanation.

When we eat normally The metabolic rate will remain at the same normal level every other day. But if we lose weight by dieting Or eat very little food, the body will begin to reduce the metabolic rate in accordance with the amount of food.

Although this method will actually help weight loss. But when we are satisfied with the numbers on the scales and go back to eating as usual The body will not be able to increase the metabolic rate as quickly as putting food into the mouth. Therefore has a low metabolic rate, like when fasting, resulting in obesity because the remaining energy from the metabolism is not enough.