How to use Hot and Cold Therapy to reduce injuries.

How to use Hot and Cold Therapy to reduce injuries.  “Hot compress”  or “cold compress”  ( Both methods are the treatment of injuries in the muscles, tendons or swelling, bruising from sports, competitions, or from various accidents. However, the choice of heat and cold therapy has different indications and treatments, so one should know that when injury occurs to the body, What kind of treatment should we choose? When should I use a hot compress? And when should you use a cold compress? Including the length of time spent on each type of compress.

Hot and Cold Therapy

Cold Therapy

If there is a recent or acute injury, most often caused by a shock hitting a part of the body (Trauma), whether caused by nearby objects, slipping, or falling. Hitting the ground, hitting things Including twisting the wrong way These causes will be an immediate pain. Then what followed was an inflammation of the blood bruise.

Let us choose to use a cold compress for the first time immediately. To help the tissue in that area stabilize No more swelling and bruising And also reduce the work of injured cells. Causing the blood vessels that feed the wound to shrink The inflammation will get better.

How to apply a cold compress

  • Apply a clean cloth wrapped in ice to the affected area for at least 20 minutes.
  • By applying the compress every 2-3 hours during the first 48 hours
  • The important thing in applying ice is Always cover the ice with a thin cloth before applying the compress. Because if the ice is too cold When in direct contact with the skin, it can cause severe cold burns.
Hot and Cold Therapy

Hot Therapy

After 48 hours after injury The tissue at the site of the injury will go into a self-healing and repair phase. At this stage, there will be no increased bruising. The inflammation started to subside. The pain subsided To change to a warm compress To help the blood Good circulation to feed And enhances the repair of tissues to recover more quickly

For Chronic injury

Resulting from injuries accumulating little by little over a long time. It can be caused by overuse of one muscle. Causing the work of that muscle to malfunction without knowing Or it could be due to a sudden injury that was not treated properly. Until it became a chronic injury.

For chronic injuries, it is recommended to apply a single heat compress for 15-20 minutes each time , using a warm cloth to gently compress. Or you can use a hot compress to put on. But always be aware that the heat can burn the skin. It is necessary to compress carefully.

How to apply heat

  • In a hot compress The right heat will allow more blood to feed the chronic injury area. Causing a self-repair process It also helps to relax the muscles and ligaments in areas that are tense as well.
  • For people with chronic injuries It is advisable to apply warm compresses before every exercise or sport. Will stimulate the work of the muscles Give your muscles flexibility before playing ufabet sports. Help mitigate existing injuries And reduce new injuries that may occur during activities

More advice

If the injured area was wearing a brace or a support device It is recommended to remove the supporting device first. Then apply heat or cold compress Because compresses, whether hot or cold, require direct contact with the injured area to work best.