How to exercise 1 hour a day, weight loss is definitely effective.

How to exercise 1 hour a day, weight loss is definitely effective. Some of the reasons come from The fact that people who exercise regularly tend to eat more food to compensate for their physical exertion. For people who exercise only a few days a week. They do not burn as many calories from the food they eat as they exercise every day.

Plus, regular vigorous exercise boosts the hormone leptin. That helps reduce the appetite even more.

How to exercise 1 hour a day, weight loss is definitely effective.

The trainer who maintains a beautiful figure of many celebrities said “There is nothing better than a combination of weight training and cardio for effective weight loss. You can do 30 minutes of cardio exercise to speed up your heartbeat. And stimulate the body to burn fat mode “

Begin by warming up with a 5-10 minute yoga- like stretch, then start going for a brisk walk on the treadmill, light jogging in the park, cycling, or aerobics.

“Then we started doing weight training exercises to keep the muscles in different areas Of a stronger body Reduce injuries during cardio workouts in the future. You can choose to lift weights with dumbbells in the right weight for you. “

It is recommended to lift dumbbells or use a machine that focuses on the pectoral muscles 10 times, 3 sets, and then on the back muscles. Arm muscles, back muscles, and lunges while holding a dumbbell (standing straight, taking one step forward, Shifting the weight to the front foot. Crouching forward Return to a standing position. Switch leg to the other side Continue walking on alternating steps).

Then do squats (standing straight, spread your feet slightly, holding a dumbbell, straightening your arms. Bend both knees Hold a little, then return to standing upright) crunches (sit-ups), then loosen the muscles or cooldowns by stretching the upper and lower body muscles.

For various exercises can ask a trainer for advice For exercise with correct posture Avoid injury And make your exercise as effective as possible.

The important thing is to give the same or similar cardio and weight training time. Not just one exercise, just one hour a day and diet. Not eating foods that are too high in energy. Avoid excess flour and sugar. And get enough rest Ensure that you lose weight is effective and sustainable for sure.