Heart attack while running

“Heart attack while running” The danger of running is more scary than you think 2-3 days ago saw the news ufabet of Department of Disease Control Sudden death. While participating in the activity of running the 4th Heroic Mini Half Marathon “for the reasons Heart attack while running Make the admin feel that Knowing your body’s limits Including the health check before exercise is very important. Because sometimes we seem to be healthy But when going to exercise May cause an accident until the end of my life.

Heart attack while running

Facts about heart attack while running

According to statistics, acute deaths among healthy long-distance runners were estimated at 1 per 15,000 to 1 per 150,000 per year, or simply translated that if approximately 200,000 runners competed in that year, Will find acute deaths in about 1-2 caseshttps://42819deaab7c095b08156128cfc73464.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

In spite of normal health, why does “heart attack” occur while exercising?

Heart attack while running

Top silent threats One of the most common deaths in running is the presence of hidden heart anomaly. It was found that people aged 40 years and over are likely to have hidden coronary artery disease. As for those who are young It can be caused by many reasons such as congenital heart valves. But never examined before Or thick heart muscle conditions That are often found in athletes. who exercise regularly Or have abnormal electrocardiogram But never had symptoms before.Then accidentally occurs while exercising, such as arrhythmia.

In conclusion, who is at risk?

1. Who diagnosed by doctors Having coronary artery disease Ischemic heart Or myocardial infarction before

2. People diagnosed by doctors Have heart muscle disease Pericardial disease Congenital heart disease, heart failure, or cardiovascular disease with ischemic heart disease. Severe irregular heartbeat or abnormal heart function

3. Symptoms that are compatible with cardiovascular disease, such as angina, chest pain, pain in the jaw area, or being easily tired. Who r having difficulty breathing when sitting, lying down when exercising. When you lift heavy objects, when you are angry, excited, or have trouble breathing at night. Until you wake up and sit, breathe, palpitations, feel your heart beats, feel dizzy, faint, or have ever lost consciousness. Especially when exercising. Or when getting up to change positions.

4. Cardiovascular risk factors such as family history, direct relatives. (Men younger than 55 years, women younger than 65 years) who are sick or die from cardiovascular disease. Behavior of smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, abnormal fat, or irregular heartbeat

5. The people who doubt or are not sure whether they take a risk or not. (In this case, try to have a health check. Especially the cardiovascular system for sure)