Exercise problems and obstacles for Obese people.

Exercise problems and obstacles for Obese people.For obese or overweight people There will be guidelines similar to normal people. But there is a greater risk of joint and muscular injuries. Due to the heavy weight, the need to carry more weight. Which is a point that should be very careful Or in obese people, some people may have diseases such as diabetes, coronary artery disease. 

Exercise problems and obstacles for Obese people

  Causing problems with increasing heat levels   Choose a type of exercise that does not have strong impact, such as walking, cycling, dancing, swimming, or aerobic exercise. And the equipment used may help reduce the impact such as shoes, etc.

The purpose of exercise can be classified into a number of issues.   This is to keep the body healthy.   Increase muscle Or to lose weight

Exercise guidelines for weight loss And increase ufabet muscle

Exercises to lose weight and exercise to gain muscle are different. Because people will exercise to build muscle   Will focus on specific exercises such as wanting to increase the muscles in the upper arm Will focus on exercise in the upper arm as desired . There will be different exercise methods. As for people who exercise to lose weight Will focus on how to reduce weight This will require many factors to be involved, such as diet. 

Behavior change Stress control And especially exercise that will help burn the energy you need to be  300-400   kcal / day   or  1000-2000   kcal / week.   Which will have to exercise  3-5  days / week or every day and take  40-60  minutes / day or may be divided into two sessions in the morning. 20-30   minutes and in the evening for another  20-30 minutes. with increasing time to burn more energy. Some people who do not yet have a sports background must choose simple activities first, and people with a background or skill in sports can choose to play as they like.

Different activities burn calories equal or not.

Exercise problems and obstacles for Obese people

Each metabolic activity is different.   Because sports that move slowly will use less energy and have less effect   And in active activities will help reduce calories even more, such as jogging and running fast. Will use different power But in obese people should start playing from a little first. For obese people should take    5-7  days / week   and 3-5  days / week for normal people. Which must be continued

Should obese people get advice or have a physical exam first?

If there is an underlying disease, it is wise to learn first. But if you don’t have or are obese, you can exercise.   But must also observe their own symptoms What are the symptoms after exercising, such as colic, dizziness, dizziness, joint pain or difficulty walking?   If you have any of these symptoms, you should consult your doctor first. If there are no symptoms, it can play normally.   It depends on the individual whether there are various diseases or not.