Exercise in the water

Exercise in the water A fun firmware, a good helper for people who want to lose their body. Exercise in the water, a great help for people who want to lose body shape. Who doesn’t like to sweat Because of the coolness of the water Thus making this sport do not make us hot Until many people enjoy and take a long time to exercise burn many calories.

Exercise in the water

For this swim Will help strengthen the body to lose weight. It also increases the strength of the muscles. Aquafitness explains that exercise in the water. Originally known only in the medical field For use in rehabilitation of world class athletes. During recovery from trauma elderly women during pregnancy Or people with various health problems.

Water exercise It is the ideal form of exercise to promote health. Which has various characteristics Many forms From swimming, running or walking in the water and water aerobics. Because it is an exercise in the form of water dance at the waist or chest at the rhythm of the music. Such as Aqua Aerobics, is a method of exercise that increases muscle tone. Because of the gentle movement in the water stream Amid the melodious music, the mind feels refreshed and relaxed.

The advantages of Aqua Aerobics or water exercise are:

The support for body weight is reduced to 10-15% while in the water. So it can be done easily. Its weightless and shock-absorbing properties are great for impact protection. Injuries of various bones and joints Water resistance

It is now accepted that In addition to the originally recommended aerobic exercise. Exercising your muscles with resistance twice a week is also a necessary part of health promotion.

Water has an inherent resistance that will help make exercising in the water a perfect health workout. The water resistance will help keep your muscles strong. Slim and balanced, the pressure of the water is the secret to exercising in the water favorite. Water pressure keeps blood pressure down. And the pulse slows down Heart pumping And the blood circulation in the body is going Efficiency

All of this makes exercising in the water not making you feel overwhelmed. Like any other form of exercise While providing equal health benefits Efficient cooling. While exercising like this helps prevent the danger of heat. And makes you feel refreshed, not exhaustion after exercise This feature is a very special feature. For tropical and humid cities, the body’s cooling effect is poor and it is easily dangerous from heat.