5 reasons why our muscles cramp!

5 reasons why our muscles cramp!. We don’t have to be a marathon runner to have cramps. Whether it is young people, the elderly, people who exercise. Or people who do not exercise Are all entitled to cramps And the cramps tend to strike at unexpected times. It could be when we go out in the morning sun, or even bother us while going to bed.

“The muscle cramps. This is due to excessive use or contractions, ” says ufabet Integrative Pain Management. But it often happens in the calf area because the calf is the muscle that uses the most energy in the body.

1. The body is dehydrated.

For how the muscles work There is also a matter of the balance of electrical signals and ions. ‘Dehydration’ changes the signal. Making our body indistinguishable from the brain that signals Or that there is an imbalance of the electricity around the cell, anyway. And when confusion arises It is difficult for muscles to process signals. When too much work occurs, the pain will arise. And the best way to prevent this is as simple as drinking enough water .

why our muscles cramp

2. Staying in the wrong position for too long

Resting in a comfortable position for too long It can cause cramps in the arms or back muscles. According to Houman Danesh, it is normal for the muscles to become tense when they are in any position for too long.

“Doing things your body is not trained to do. This will cause the muscles to work continuously and cause slight breakdown. ”This breakdown produces lactic acid, which can cause muscle spasms. Fortunately, these types of cramps will go away on their own over time. Try to give it an hour or two, but if symptoms persist all night and sleepless Then have to go to see a doctor

3.Pressing on the nerve

Sometimes we will call this symptom. “Peripheral neuropathy” arises from nerve endings that drag down from the brain to our spinal cord. No matter what, it can make us have neuropathy. They range from herniated discs to arthritis or long misalignment. Which can irritate the nerves (Should stop doing some yoga poses If your body tells us it can’t), it’s fortunate that it has an amazing self-healing system. In general, anti-inflammatory drugs can relieve pain. But if it doesn’t work, you should seek medical advice.

reasons why our muscles cramp

4. Pregnancy

Pregnancy will cause changes throughout the body. And hormonal changes can cause cramping. According to the Mayo Clinic, this cramp usually occurs in the calf or feet. And often occurs at night, between three o’clock and three in the morning. For now, it’s not clear how this happened. But we can relieve it by drinking water, stretching, taking magnesium supplements. (You have to ask a doctor first!)

5. Inadequate blood supply to the muscles

Another possible reason for muscle cramps is: Insufficient blood supply to the muscles This means that we do not have enough blood to supply the limbs. “This is usually caused by an increase in blood cholesterol levels. And may be caused by constricted arteries Because of the ovaries or tumors “